Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cameras under $1000

Here are three great options for Media Arts students to investigate for purchase.

The Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

Canon Rebel T5

Canon Rebel T3i

On the lowest price end, you can get a great Go Pro HD camera for $400-$500. Go Pro 4

If you can come up with $1200, my expert at Canon recommends the 70D. It has autofocus, which is a pretty big deal and will save you a lot of bad takes.

Personally, I still have a Canon 5D. But I've been eyeing the Sony A7s, which is more of an aspirational camera in the $2500 range without a lens. Bummer, I know. The Black Magic 4K camera is even $500 more.
Here are all of of Canon's cameras for a quick comparison.
Be sure to check out reviews and read articles to make up your own mind. Philip Bloom's site is great.

And make sure you find the best price. There are sales at least twice a year (apparently the Black Magic was 50% off not long ago...)

Good luck, happy shooting!

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