Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LAVC Media Arts Department Annual Student Projects Screening!

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to see so many of my students' terrific short films last Saturday! How wonderful was it to have our President Erika and Dean Laurie and Rudy attend, as well as almost all of the Broadcasting, Cinema, and Media Arts Department!

The work was stellar! I want to hear all about how it felt to have your work shown, if this was your first chance to see your film on a big screen or if you've played other festivals and screenings, if there's any editing you want to do now that you've heard an audience's reaction to your work, which film festivals you're going to enter it into next, and overall what you learned! Feel free to post below, or talk to me before class.

Remember to thank your professors who put this cool event together for you, especially Jennifer Penton, Aranxta Rodriguez, Chad Sustin, and of course our awesome Chair and Media Arts 129 Co-teacher Eric Swelstad!

I'm happy to mentor about any of the above or any other questions you have, and view your films again individually to give you specific feedback. If you have your short online for public viewing, please email me at Lisfies (at) gmail (dot) com if you are okay with me posting your short here. If you need help figuring out Vimeo or Youtube, I can help you set up an account.

I'm particularly impressed with the students who stuck out the whole four hours, and came up to me afterwards. Remember, the key to success in the film industry is building your network and finding your core team of filmmakers. So staying to support your peers' work instead of leaving after your short screened, or coming to the screening when you didn't have your own work in it are the signs of people who are ready to make it in the film industry! Congratulations!!!

Check out the coverage by LAVC campus newspaper The Valley Star.

While I'm proudly bragging about Media Arts 129 students' stellar filmmaking, remember that our Timothy Quirus still has his crowdfunding campaign going for Missy from Mississip! You can support him by donating or spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter @MissyFromMississip. Getting the campaign out there makes all the difference, so start practicing the Networking Golden Rule of doing four favors for every one you ask!

Thoughts, feedback, ideas to make the screening better next year? Post them below!

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