Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Media Arts 129: Pop Quiz, hot shot!

Okay, no one got my bonus question of how the Zoetrope All-Star Story Contest relates to the film industry. The answer is: Francis Ford Coppola. 

Coppola's production company is American Zoetrope (formerly Zoetrope Studios). 

In addition to making a delicious cabernet, the world-class director has a revered literary magazine, a prestigious annual screenplay contest, and tons of great resources and training for young writers. So check it out!

Let's play Round 2!

This week's question, again for a prize is...

What iconic film celebrates its 20th anniversary today?

Hint: many of you listed it in your favorite films.

To be the one who wins the prize, be the first current Media Arts 129 student to post the correct answer below, or the first to tell me in class.

Good luck ramblers, let's get rambling!

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